Judicial and extrajudicial credit recovery.

Regarding the extrajudicial credit recovery, Senso counts with a team of professionals with higher education, in constant improvement, aiming solutions which contemplate all the parties’ interests, taking care of the conservation of the relationship between the creditor and the debtor as well.

The service is personalized and uses an own system suitable to the interests and needs of each client, aiming the efficiency and financial return which justify the investment, established in ethical and moral values for a long-lasting relationship.

In relation to judicial collecting, Senso works in all the national territory and has a net of qualified lawyers who assist the company.

Before the judicial procedure, it is held an analysis of the risks and viability of its success, through the search of assets in the debtors’ names and other measures in this respect.

In some cases, after the client’s quotation approval, Senso holds personal collecting through a lawyer with advanced qualifications in negotiation techniques.

Either in the extrajudicial collecting or in the judicial one, the client will be able to access all the information of the progress of the collecting on line, with the website, using a password.

The main objective of the collecting department consists in recovering the impaired figures in a restful and clear way, so that the client feels satisfied and certain that he is being well supported with regards to his claims, with the guarantee of maximum effort to reach the success.